The Japan Interior Planner's Association,Tokyo

The Japan Interior Planner's Association,Tokyo(JIPAT)was founded in 1995 as an organization for people holding an Interior Planner qualification. (The Interior Planner qualification changed in 2001 from an accreditation provided by the Minister of Construction to an accreditation provided by the Japan Architectural Education and Information Center.) Since its inauguration, it has been engaged in an active program of committee-led activities, and its performance and results have gone from strength to strength, attracting wide attention from various sectors. The Association comprises Professional Members (those registered as Interior Planners), General Members (individuals aiming to obtain Interior Planner qualifications, individuals who support the aims of the Association), Corporate Members (companies or organizations that support the aims of the Association), and Student Members (students aiming to obtain Interior Planner qualifications).

In 1998, Japan Interior Planner's Association (JIPA), a national organization that unified the regional associations active nationwide, was inaugurated on the basis of common principles, and in December 2004 this was incorporated as Japan Federation of Interior Planner's Association. Since the inauguration of JIPA, JIPAT has played a key role. IPEC, an event for interior design professionals hosted by JIPA, has been held since 2001, attracting a great deal of interest appropriate for this “age of the environment, age of interior design.”


JIPAT has set the following goal

“We will disseminate knowledge and educate people about interior planning, which is mainly concerned with the interior space and interior elements that are intimately connected with people's lives. By working to improve the quality of Interior Planners holding professional qualifications and establishing their social standing, as well as endeavoring to provide opportunities for members to socialize and network, we will contribute to the development of society and culture.”

In today's turbulent society, it has become increasingly important to think about the role of interior design in the living environment. As an organization of specialists responsible for this interior design, JIPAT aims to be an action group that will have a voice in society and make a contribution.