About interior planner

“Interior Planner” denotes an interior design professional who is accredited by the Interior Planner Qualification System founded in 1987.

The Interior Planner Qualification System was founded by the former Ministry of Construction in order to provide accreditation to professionals who “achieve comprehensive and high-quality interior design in accordance with the diverse requirements of users in respect of the interior design of residential dwellings, offices, hotels, commercial institutions, and other premises.”

This qualification system attaches the greatest importance to improving the knowledge and skills of professionals who are involved in the design and supervision of architectural interiors. As such, the qualification is granted to those who, as well as possessing expert knowledge of aspects of interior design such as furniture, window-dressing, carpeting, and so forth, are also equipped with basic knowledge of architectural and other issues, such as building regulations, fire laws, structure, and fixtures.

A qualification for interior design specialists that is often cited as comparable is the interior coordinator system.

That system was founded by the former Ministry of International Trade and Industry in 1984 in response to the increased expressions of desire from house owners as well as house manufacturers and the interior design-related industry for specialist personnel equipped with the expertise required to create a comfortable living environment to suit their lifestyle, and for the purpose of providing accreditation to specialists able to offer appropriate advice to consumers concerning the choice of products, overall structure of the interior, and so forth during the distribution and sales process of housing-related goods.

In short, the basic difference between interior coordinators and interior planners is that the expertise of the former lies in the distribution and sales of interior design-related products.